I produce music. I engineer recordings of music. I have been making records since 2001, starting this business as a dream, it has since become my career. The sound of music moves me.

I believe that every artist has different needs when it comes to producing their music. There is always an appropriate tone for every instrument, for every voice. There is always an appropriate way of capturing the moment. Every artist has a vision.

I work closely with the artist/musician to realize their vision and to focus his/her song into a refined final product. Producing the music, the performances, the arrangements, and mix, every step along the way I can take talent to the next level. I help the artist represent his/her musical and emotional vision; this is what makes everyone of my recordings distinct. I enjoy the fine details in music and recording, I enjoy recordings that have a sense of space and depth, be it dry to ambient and all between.  I believe that dynamics are crucial to provoke an emotional listener response. I desire to make art that can be considered timeless and authentic.  

I understand the science of sound and the history of recorded music. This understanding allows me to create any sonic landscape. I use analog and modern digital recording, mixing , and production techniques. The use of these techniques creates a product that sounds timeless and is precise to the artists desired vision. I am capable of creating and/or recreating all varieties of sounds from every era of recorded music as well as creating new sounds that could define the next generation. This hybrid, of analog (old) and digital (new), allows for limitless creativity and color, as well a lifetime of experimentation and learning. With the use of the most modern digital recording technology controlling analog equipment I can manipulate audio and still maintain a sound that is organic and desirable yet sonic and marketable.

Much like a painter, I use many select tools to create an aural image that emotes and inspires, I use many select tools to create a recording with color, texture, and depth; a recording that represents the artist’s unique vision.  With the right tools and an atmosphere where the artist feels comfortable, the creative possibilities are endless.

I aspire to inspire the sound of your music as heard in your dreams.

-Brian Zieske